Today:16 July, 2020

Privacy Policy

Rumren Official is a login service to digital products which is under the auspices of the Rumren group. There are also digital products and services that are part of the Rumren Official are Rumren Official Website, BL Movie Guide, Play Media Rumrenia and Sahabat Autorental.

By creating a Rumren Website account, you entrust your information to us and give you the opportunity to help, contribute to the Rumren Official service and get benefits containing points and prizes from the Rumren Group business unit.

This Privacy Policy helps you understand the information we collect, why we collect it, and how to collect, manage and access your information.

1. What Information Do We Collect About You?

You can access our site without logging in or by logging in. Of course different experiences but this second thing allows us to get information about you.

Signing in is required when you use Network Detective services such as sending content (text, photos, videos), commenting, ordering items, placing advertisements, providing details of registering activities, taking surveys, discussing contests or discussing with features on our web pages. To be able to log in, you will register via RumrenID and fill in personal information.

Personal information is information that supports you as an individual or that is related to individuals who can support. Different types of personal information can be collected You can use Network Seconding Services, depending on the type of product or service used. Collection of personal information is needed to provide services to you and to improve your customer experience.

If you are not logged into the Rumren Account, we store the information we collect with a unique ID that is collected to the browser, application or device that you are currently using. This helps us do things like practice your habits when connecting to Rumren Network services.

The following is an explanation of you giving us personal information.

A. Through the Rumren Network Service

        • Rumren Account Registration
          To register for a Rumren account, you must provide an email address, unique password, demographic info (age and gender) and no telephone (not required) or by linking your Facebook or Google account.
        • User-Made Content / User-Made Content / Reader, including Comments, Testimonials and Reviews
          We offer you to engage in public activities, such as sending articles, reviews, testimonials, and commenting on articles on our site. Information that you can view publicly, is collected and used by other users of the service.
        • Contests, Sweepstakes and Special Offers

You can enter contests, prize draws, and special offers offered in the Rumren Official Website. These activities can be carried out by the media themselves.  Rumren Official also helps with third parties.

When participating in these activities, you will be asked to login or fill in personal data to verify the truth of the Prize recipient.

        • Surveys, Polls, Panel Readers and Market Research / Users / Readers

Rumren Official often conducts surveys, polls, panel readers and market research / users / readers

The activity will require profile data and habits that are tailored to the objectives of each activity.

2. When Do We Share Your Information?

When you have logged into Rumren Official and engaged in comments or sent posts, photos and videos, we will display your profile photo along with your username.

We do not share your personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside Rumren Group except for the purpose of compliance with laws or government requests that must be fulfilled.

3. Safeguard Your Information Security

We work hard to protect the confidentiality of your personal information by using data encryption.